1. (piece) 
a. el pedazo (M) 
I've got a bit of land on the coast.Tengo un pedazo de terreno en la costa.
b. el trozo (M) 
There's a bit of cake there if you'd like it.Hay un trozo de pastel allí si lo quieres.
2. (small amount of something; used with "a") 
a. un poco 
Can I have a bit of your spaghetti, please?¿Me das un poco de tu espagueti, por favor?
3. (part) 
a. la parte (F) 
This is the bit in the film where the knight saves the princess.Esta es la parte de la película en la que el caballero rescata a la princesa.
4. (little while; used with "a") 
a. el rato (M) 
I'm going grocery shopping. I'll be back in a bit.Voy a hacer la compra. Vuelvo en un rato.
We went into a café for a bit to talk.Entramos en un café un momento para hablar.
5. (computing) 
a. el bit (M) 
A bit is a tiny measurement of digital space.Un bit es una medida minúscula de espacio digital.
6. (colloquial) (responsibility) 
a. la parte (F) 
There are a lot of dishes here. I've done my bit; now it's your turn.Aquí hay muchos platos. He cumplido mi parte; ahora te toca a ti.
7. (horseback riding) 
a. el freno (M) 
I'll show you how to properly insert the bit into the horse's mouth.Te enseñaré a introducir bien el freno en la boca del caballo.
b. el bocado (M) 
The bit is attached to the reins, giving you control over the horse's movements.El bocado está atado a las riendas, lo que permite controlar los movimientos del caballo.
8. (tool) 
a. la broca (F) 
I think I'm going to buy my dad a set of drill bits.Creo que voy a comprarle un juego de brocas para el taladro a mi papá.
The drill comes with several different types of bits.El taladro viene con varios tipos de barrena.
9. (film, theater, television) 
a. el sketch (M) 
I love the bit about Prince and a basketball game.Me encanta el sketch acerca de Prince y un partido de basquetbol.
b. la rutina (F) 
This bit is so funny!¡Esa rutina da mucha risa!
10. (colloquial) (set of customary actions) 
a. no direct translation 
Angela is in France, doing the whole study abroad bit.Angela está en Francia, haciendo lo que se hace cuando estudias en el extranjero.
The housewife bit just isn't for me.Lo de ser ama de casa no es lo mío.
11. (colloquial) (pejorative) (woman) (United Kingdom) 
a. la tía (F) (colloquial) (Spain) 
Look at her! She's a bit of all right!¡Mira esa de ahí! ¡Está buena, la tía!
b. la tipa (F) 
Did you see that bit of fluff flirting with my boyfriend?¿Viste a esa tipa coqueteando con mi novio?
12. (currency) (United Kingdom) 
a. la moneda (F) 
I saw a 10p bit on the ground, so I picked it up.Había una moneda de diez peniques en el suelo, así que la cogí.
13. (old-fashioned) (currency) (United States) 
When I was younger, my grandmother used to give me one bit for helping her clean.Cuando era pequeño, mi abuela me daba una moneda de doce centavos y medio por ayudarla a limpiar.
14. (somewhat; used with "a") 
a. un poco 
Sam can be a bit thick, but he's a good guy.Sam puede ser un poco torpe, pero es buen tío.
bit [bɪt]
1 (piece) trozo (m); pedazo (m)
bits of paper trozos (m) or pedazos (m) de papel; have you got a bit of paper I can write on? ¿tienes un trozo de papel para escribir?
a marriage certificate is only a bit of paper
he washed off every bit of dirt se lavó hasta la última mancha de suciedad
in bits (broken) hecho pedazos; (dismantled) desmontado; desarmado
who owns this bit of land? ¿a quién pertenece este trozo or pedazo de tierra?
bits and pieces (items) cosas (f); (possessions) cosas (f); trastos (informal) (m); [of fabric] retales (m); retazos (m)
discarded bits and pieces of hotel furniture a few bits and pieces of cosmetics and a handful of books bring all your bits and pieces I didn't realise you had so many bits and bobs she packed her bags and her books and the few bits and pieces she had collected the quilt was sewn together from bits and pieces of fabric to form patterns
to bits: to blow sth to bits hacer saltar algo en pedazos; volar algo en pedazos
to come to bits (break) hacerse pedazos; (be dismantled) desmontarse; desarmarse; to smash sth to bits hacer algo añicos or pedazos
she found the jug smashed to bits
to tear sth to bits [+letter, document] romper algo en pedazos; the dogs tear the fox to bits los perros destrozan al zorro; she tore the argument to bits hizo pedazos el argumento
by tearing each other to bits our countries are playing into the hands of the Americans many of the rats had to be kept apart if they were not to tear each other to bits that film would frighten her to bits
to love sb to bits querer un montón a algn (informal)
the professor pulled his essay to bits el profesor destrozó su trabajo
he was thrilled to bits with the present estaba que no cabía en sí (de alegría) con el regalo; el regalo le hizo muchísima ilusión
she was thrilled to bits
a bit of
(some) un poco de
with a bit of luck con un poco de suerte; a bit of advice un consejo; I need a bit of peace and quiet necesito un poco de paz y tranquilidad; what you say won't make a bit of difference digas lo que digas no va a cambiar nada; this is a bit of all right! ¡esto está muy bien!; ¡esto no está nada mal!; he's a bit of all right ese está buenísimo or para comérselo (informal)
a bit of [all right] you describe someone or something as a bit of all right when you think they are very attractive, pleasant, or good this meal's a bit of all right, isn't it?
he's a bit of a liar es bastante or un poco mentiroso; it was a bit of a shock fue un golpe bastante duro; I've got a bit of a cold estoy un poco resfriado; I'm a bit of a socialist yo tengo algo de socialista
it's all a bit of a mess students are always portrayed as a bit of a joke it came as a bit of a disappointment I'm a bit of a musician
quite a bit of bastante
they have quite a bit of money tienen bastante dinero; I've been seeing quite a bit of her la he estado viendo bastante
there may be quite a bit of work in it for you it takes up quite a bit of my time
3 (adverbial uses)
a bit un poco
a bit bigger/smaller un poco más grande/pequeño; a bit later poco después; un poco más tarde; that sounds a bit technical eso suena un poco técnico; it's a bit awkward just now ahora no es buen momento
their house is just a bit further down the road the young girl was a bit strange a bit too little
bit by bit poco a poco
our performance was every bit as good as theirs nuestra actuación fue tan buena como la suya en todos los aspectos
she swept into the room, every bit the actress entró majestuosamente en la habitación, muy en su papel de actriz; he looked every bit the angelic child tenía toda la pinta or todo el aspecto de un niño angelical
good manners are every bit as important as a smart appearance my jacket is every bit as good as his in his school uniform, he looked every bit the angelic child
a good bit bastante
it's a good bit further than we thought queda bastante más lejos de lo que creíamos; a good bit bigger/cheaper bastante más grande/barato
a good bit cheaper
would you like a little bit more? ¿quieres un poquito más?
a little bit dearer
that's a bit much! ¡eso pasa de castaño oscuro!
it's a bit much expecting you to take the blame es demasiado esperar que tú asumas la culpa
it's a bit much [when] ...
not a bit
I'm not a bit surprised no me sorprende lo más mínimo or en absoluto; "wasn't he embarrassed?" — "not a bit of it" —¿y no le daba vergüenza? —qué va (informal) or —en absoluto
that's not a bit of help "are you tired?" - "not a bit!" did he give up? not a bit of it
quite a bit bastante
they're worth quite a bit valen bastante; he's quite a bit older than me es bastante mayor que yo
that must take quite a bit of courage things have changed quite a bit
I've had a bit too much to eat me he pasado un poco comiendo; he comido un poco más de la cuenta
4 (part) parte (f)
he'd just got to the exciting bit acababa de llegar a la parte emocionante; to enjoy every bit of sth disfrutar algo totalmente
I loved your letter, especially the bits about Dr O'Shea "Where was I?""You were at the bit where you and Christopher were on the bus." the crowded bits of Spain
5 (Britain) (role)
she's doing the prima donna bit está haciendo su papel de diva; it's important not to overdo the motherly bit es importante no ser excesivamente maternal
she wanted the whole marriage bit
to do one's bit aportar su granito de arena
we must all do our bit to put an end to starvation in the Third World para erradicar el hambre en el Tercer Mundo todos debemos aportar nuestro granito de arena; he did his bit in the war durante la guerra cumplió con su deber; I've done my bit yo he hecho mi parte or lo que me tocaba
I'm willing to do my bit but I'm not going to be taken advantage of he did his bit for King and Country
6 (moment) rato (m); momento (m)
I'll see you in a bit te veo dentro de un momento or dentro de un ratito
I waited quite a bit esperé bastante tiempo or un buen rato
so I waited a bit they'll be arriving in a bit that filing should keep you busy for a bit let's stay here for a bit wait a bit!
7 (coin) (Britain) moneda (f); (US) (12.5 cents) doce centavos y medio
a tuppenny bit una moneda de dos peniques; two bits (US) 25 centavos; for two bits I'd throw it all in por dos duros lo dejaría todo; he was always throwing in his two bits about how he'd put the economy to rights siempre estaba dando su opinión or echando su cuarto a espadas sobre cómo arreglaría la economía
8 (Comput) bit (m)
9 (Britain) (woman) tía (f) (informal); (Esp)
a bit on the [side] a mistress or woman with whom a man has sex while he has a relationship with someone else, or is married to someone else she was fed up of being his bit on the side he didn't grudge her a bit on the side now and then a bit of [stuff] a sexually attractive woman I saw him with his bit of stuff the other day
bit part (n) (Cine) (Teat) papel (m) de poca importancia; papel (m) pequeño
bit [bɪt]
1 [of drill] broca (f)
2 (for horse) freno (m); bocado (m)
to be champing or chomping at the bit
I expect you're champing or chomping at the bit supongo que te devora la impaciencia; they were champing or chomping at the bit to get started no veían la hora de poner manos a la obra
the Democrats are champing at the bit to get settled in to the White House his clients were chomping at the bit to get a piece of this deal we were all just chomping at the bit to really discuss some issues the England captain is now chomping at the bit for a slice of the World Cup action
to get the bit between one's teeth
once she gets the bit between her teeth, there's no stopping her una vez que se pone en marcha no hay quien la pare
once she gets the bit between her teeth, horses have nothing on Sue the Tories have got the bit between their teeth and they'll pounce on anything that looks like waffle she's a persistent little bugger when she gets the bit between her teeth it will be difficult to dissuade him now - he's really got the bit between his teeth he accused the Roosevelt administration of having the bit between its teeth and being hell-bent on its way to war
bit [bɪt]


masculine noun
1. (computing) 
a. bit 
Un bit cambió su valor de 0 a 1 por error.A bit erroneously changed its value from 0 to 1.
1. (computers) 
a. bit 
(Informática) bit
bit de parada stop bit
bit de paridad parity bit
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