masculine noun
1. (informal)
2. beast, animal (animal); bug (insecto)
  • ¿qué bicho le ha picado? -> what's up with him? (British), what's eating him? (United States)
3. (persona)
  • (mal) bicho -> nasty piece of work
  • bicho raro -> weirdo
  • siempre está intentado ligar con todo bicho viviente -> he'll try to get off with o (British) make out with anything that moves (United States)
  • no hay bicho viviente que se coma esto -> there isn't a creature alive that would eat that
4. little terror (pillo)

bicho [bee’-cho]
1. A general name for small grubs or insects; bug, creepy crawly; (Carib, Cono Sur) Maggot, brub (gusano); (And.) Snake (serpiente); (LAm.) Odd-looking creature (animal extraño). (m)
2. A little fellow of a ridiculous figure and appearance. (Metaphorical) (m)
  • Mal bicho -> a mischievous urchin
3. (Taur.) Bull. (m)
4. Odd-looking person, queer fish (persona), bicho raro, weirdo. (m)
  • Mal bicho -> rogue, villain
5. Squaddle, recruit (niño); (CAm.) Child, little boy. (Military) (m)
6. De puro bicho, out of sheer pig-headedness. (Ante Meridian & Latin American) (m)
  • Matar el bicho -> to have a drink
7. Thingummy (fulano). (Caribbean) (m)
noun, plural
8. Vermin.

1 (Zoología) (gen) small animal; (insecto) bug; creepy-crawly (familiar); (Taur) bull; (Cuba) (S. Cone) (gusano) maggot; grub; (And) (serpiente) snake; (Latinoamérica) (animal extraño) odd-looking creature
de puro bicho (Latinoamérica) out of sheer pig-headedness
matar el bicho to quench one's thirst
tener bicho to be dying of thirst
bicho malo nunca muere the devil looks after his own
2 bichos vermin
; (s)
3 (persona) oddball (familiar)
mal bicho rogue; villain; es un mal bicho he's a nasty piece of work; he's a rotter (familiar); todo bicho viviente every living soul; every man-jack of them
bicho raro weirdo (familiar)
4 (niño) brat (familiar)
sí, bichito yes, my love
5 (Centroamérica) (niño) child; little boy
6 (And) (peste aviar) fowl pest
7 (Mil) squaddie (familiar); recruit
8 (Caribe) (chisme) what's-it (familiar); thingummy (familiar)
9 (Centroamérica) (México) (pene) prick (vulgar)

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