masculine noun
1. kiss
  • dar un beso a alguien -> to give somebody a kiss, to kiss somebody
  • le dio un beso en los labios -> he kissed her on the lips
  • un beso, muchos besos -> love (en carta)
  • Marisa te manda besos -> Marisa sends her love
  • comerse a besos a alguien -> to smother somebody with kisses
  • beso con lengua -> French kiss

beso [bay’-so]
1. Kiss. (m)
  • Beso de tornillo -> French kiss
  • Echar un beso -> to blow a kiss
2. Violent collision of persons or things. (m)
3. Among bakers, kissing-crust, where one loaf-touches another. (m)
  • Dar un beso al jarro -> (Low.) to toss about the pot, to drink freely

1 (con los labios) kiss
dar un beso a algn to kiss sb; give sb a kiss
echar o tirar un beso a algn dar un beso volado a algn to blow sb a kiss
beso de la muerte kiss of death
beso de tornillo beso lingual French kiss
2 (choque) bump; collision

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