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1. vientre (m) barriga (f) guata (f) (español de Chile)
  • to have a full/an empty belly tener la barriga llena/vacía
  • belly dance danza (f) del vientre
  • belly laugh sonora carcajada (f)
belly [ˈbelɪ]
1 (abdomen) barriga (informal) (f); guata (f) (informal); (Chile)
belly of pork
2 [of vessel] barriga (f)
intransitive verb
(also belly out) [+sail] hincharse;
belly button (n) ombligo (m)
belly dance (n) danza (f) del vientre
belly dancer (n) danzarina (f) del vientre
belly flop (n) panzazo (informal) (m)
to do a belly flop dar(se) un panzazo (informal)
belly landing (n) (Aer) aterrizaje (m) de panza
to make a belly landing aterrizar de panza
belly laugh (n) carcajada (f) (grosera)
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