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1. campana (f) (of church); campanilla (f) (handbell); timbre (m) (on door, bicycle); cascabel (m) (on cat, hat)
  • to ring the bell llamar al timbre (on door)
  • to give somebody a bell (familiar) dar un telefonazo a alguien (británico)
  • bell jar campana de vidrio or cristal (español de España)
  • bell pepper pimiento (m) (morrón) (Estados Unidos)
  • bell tower (torre (f) del) campanario (m)
bell [bel]
1 (church bell) campana (f); (handbell) campanilla (f); (doorbell, electric bell) timbre (m); (for cow) cencerro (m); (for cat, on toy, dress etc) cascabel (m)
two/eight etc bells (Náut) las medias horas de cada guardia marítima
to ring a bell
that rings a bell eso me suena
it doesn't ring a bell with me no me suena
he was saved by the bell (Boxing) le salvó la campana; se salvó por los pelos (informal)
2 [of trumpet] pabellón (m); [of flower] campanilla (f)
3 (Britain) (phone call)
I'll give you a bell te llamaré
bell glass bell jar (n) fanal (m); campana (f) de cristal
bell pull (n) campanilla (f)
bell push (n) pulsador (m) de timbre
bell rope (n) cuerda (f) de campana
bells and whistles (n) especially (Comput) elementos (m) accesorios; florituras (f)
...a whole variety of other bells and whistles which allow the text to be presented as required People crave anxiety-free products — simple items without lots of fancy bells and whistles and complex instructions Limiting the number of buttons means restricting the number of bells and whistles
bell tent (n) pabellón (m)
bell tower (n) campanario (m)
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