1. (a living thing) 
a. el ser (M) 
The human being is the only species that blushes.El ser humano es la única especie que se sonroja.
There are many debates on the existence of otherworldly beings.Hay muchos debates sobre la existencia de seres de otro mundo.
2. (existence) 
a. el ser (M) 
Between being and doing, who's to say what truly makes a man?Entre el ser y el hacer, ¿quién dirá cuál verdaderamente hace al hombre?
1. (creature) 
a. el ser (M) 
2. (existence) 
to come into beingnacer
the company is no longer in beingla empresa ya no existe
with all my beingcon todo mi corazón
being [ˈbiːɪŋ]
1 (existence) existencia (f)
in being existente; to come or be brought into being nacer
2 (creature) ser (m)
Phrases with "being"
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el bienestar
being able to
human being
el ser humano
stop being mean
deja de portarte mal, dejar de portarse mal
that being said
dicho esto
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