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1. (indicating cause)
a. porque
She is not coming because she can't find a babysitter.No viene porque no encuentra niñera.
1. porque
  • why? just because¿por qué? porque
  • because ofdebido a, a causa de
because [bɪˈkɒz]
I came because you asked me to vine porque me lo pediste; because he was ill he couldn't go no pudo ir por estar enfermo; just because he has two cars he thinks he's somebody solo porque tiene dos coches se cree todo un personaje
just [because] it's expensive doesn't necessarily mean it's good just because YOU think so doesn't mean ...
because of por; I did it because of you lo hice por ti; many families break up because of a lack of money muchas familias se deshacen por or debido a la falta de dinero
Because of the law in Ireland, we had to work out a way of getting her over to Britain
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