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1. alubia (f) (vegetable) (español de España)judía (f) (español de España)frijol (m) (Am salvo RP)poroto (m) (Andes, RP); grano (m)
  • (green) bean (of coffee) judía (f) verde (español de España), habichuela (f) (español de España, Carib, español de Colombia), chaucha (f) (español de Bolivia, RP), poroto (m) verde (Andes, RP), ejote (m) (español de México, CAm), vainita (f) (español de Venezuela)
  • bean curd tofu (m)
2. (idioms) (familiar)
  • to be full of beans estar lleno(a) de vitalidad (energy)
  • it isn't worth a bean no vale un pimiento
  • he hasn't a bean no tiene (ni) un duro
bean [biːn]
1 (gen) frijol (m); alubia (f); (Esp) (kidney) frijol (m); judía (f); (Esp) poroto (m); (S. Cone) (broad, haricot) haba (f); (green) habichuela (f); judía (f) verde; (Esp) ejote (m); (Méx) poroto (m) verde; (S. Cone) (coffee) grano (m)
not a bean! ¡nada en absoluto!; I haven't a bean (Britain) estoy pelado (informal); no tengo un duro (informal); (Esp) no tengo un peso (informal); (LAm) I didn't make a bean on the deal no saqué ni un céntimo del negocio
to be full of beans (Britain) estar lleno de vida
to know how many beans make five (Britain) saber cuántas son dos y dos
Children should be taught the basics, so that when they leave school they can talk nicely, spell properly and know how many beans make five not to know beans about sth
he doesn't know beans about it (US) no sabe ni papa de eso (informal); no tiene ni zorra idea (informal); (Esp)
not to amount to a hill or row of beans no valer nada
In this world the problems of people like us don't amount to a hill of beans
2 (as form of address)
hello, old bean! (Britain) ¡hola, macho! (informal); (Esp) ¡hola, viejo! (informal); (LAm)
3 (US) (head, brain) coco (informal) (m)
bean counter (n) contable o gerente obsesionado por los números
He believes the reason for their failure is that "we have bean counters running our companies"
bean curd (n) tofu (m)
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