1. (round object with a hole through it) 
a. la cuenta (F) 
She bought a straw hat decorated with wooden beads.Compró un sombrero de paja adornado con cuentas de madera.
b. el abalorio (M) (of glass) 
The child amused herself threading beads onto a string.La niña se entretenía ensartando abalorios en un cordel.
2. (drop) 
a. la gota (F) 
Beads of perspiration broke out on his forehead.Le brotaron gotas de sudor en la frente.
3. (on firearm) 
This front bead comes with a fully adjustable rear sight.Esta mira globular viene con un punto de mira trasero totalmente ajustable.
transitive verb
4. (to cover with drops) 
Her forehead was beaded with perspiration.Tenía la frente cubierta de gotas de sudor.
plural noun
5. (jewelry) 
a. el collar (M) 
We bought her some beads that we knew she liked.Le compramos un collar que sabíamos que le gustaba.
6. (religious) 
It is time to pray, he said, taking out his beads.Es hora de rezar, dijo sacando su rosario.
1. (of glass) 
a. la cuenta (F) 
2. (of dew, sweat) 
a. la gota f, perla (F) 
a string of beadsunas cuentas ensartadas
bead [biːd]
1 (gen) cuenta (f); [of glass] abalorio (m);beads (necklace) collar (m); (Rel) rosario (m)
to tell one's beads rezar el rosario
2 [of dew, sweat] gota (f)
3 [of gun] mira (f) globular
to draw a bead on apuntar a
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