be hot

be hot
1. (weather) 
If I had known that it was going to be hot today, I would not have worn my coat.Si hubiera sabido que iba a hacer calor hoy, no hubiera llevado mi abrigo.
2. (hot thing) 
Be careful! This food is going to be hot.¡Ojo! Esta comida va a ser caliente.
3. (to feel heat) 
Can you turn the air conditioning on? I don't like to be hot.¿Puedes prender el aire acondicionado? No me gusta tener calor.
4. (colloquial) (to be attractive) 
a. ser sexy 
My mom says I'm not allowed to be hot. I have to be beautiful.Mi mamá dice que no se me permite ser sexy. Tengo que ser hermosa.
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