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1. pila (f) (of radio, clock); batería (f) (of car, video camera)
  • to be battery operated or powered funcionar a or con pilas
  • battery charger cargador (m) de pilas/baterías
2. batería (f) (militar)
  • a battery of criticism (sentido figurado) un aluvión de críticas
  • a battery of tests (Psy) una batería de pruebas
  • battery farming avicultura (f) intensiva
  • battery hen gallina (f) de granja avícola intensiva
battery [ˈbætərɪ]
1 (Electricity and Electronics) (dry) pila (f); (wet) batería (f)
2 (Mil) batería (f)
3 (series) [of tests] serie (f); [of lights] batería (f); equipo (m); [of questions] descarga (f); sarta (f)
We gave a battery of tests to each patient
4 (Agr) batería (f)
5 (Jur) violencia (f); agresión (f)
battery charger (n) (Electricity and Electronics) cargador (m) de baterías
battery farm (n) (Britain) granja (f) (avícola) de cría intensiva
They were so traumatised at being jammed together in the battery farm that they wouldn't lay eggs
battery farming (n) (Britain) cría (f) (avícola) intensiva
battery fire (n) (Mil) fuego (m) de batería
battery hen (n) (Britain) gallina (f) de criadero
battery set (n) (Rad) radio (f) de pilas; transistor (m)
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