1. (music) 
a. el bastón (M) (in a marching band) 
The drum major twirled his baton while the band marched and played.El tambor mayor hacía girar el bastón mientras la banda marchaba y tocaba.
b. la batuta (F) (in an orchestra) 
The conductor raised his baton, made sure the orchestra was ready, then began to conduct.El director levantó la batuta, se aseguró de que la orquesta estaba lista, y luego comenzó a dirigir.
2. (military) 
The field marshal held his baton as he observed the coronation ceremony.El mariscal de campo sostenía su bastón de mando mientras observaba la ceremonia de coronación.
3. (sports) 
You have to know how to pass the baton in the race so it doesn't drop.Hay que saber cómo pasar el testigo en la carrera para que no se caiga.
4. (weaponry) (United Kingdom) 
The officer used a baton to break a window and rescue a dog from a sweltering car.El policia utilizó un bastón para romper un cristal y rescatar a un perro en un auto sofocante.
b. la porra (F) 
The bobby chased the thief down the street with his baton raised.El poli persiguió al ladrón por la calle con la porra levantada.
1. (in relay race) 
a. el testigo (M) 
2. (of conductor) 
a. la batuta (F) 
3. (of policeman) (United Kingdom) 
a. la porra (F) 
baton chargecarga con porras
baton [ˈbætən]
(Mús) batuta (f); (Mil) bastón (m); [of policeman] porra (f); (in race) testigo (m)
to hand on or pass the baton to sb entregar el testigo a algn
Having passed on the baton of organising the London Marathon to others last year, Chris Brasher, the founder of the race, had time to enjoy the spectacle from the roadside yesterday The Fulton speech was arguably the moment when Britain passed the baton of Western leadership to the United States Does this mean that the baton of leadership is going to be passed to other nations?
to pick up the baton recoger el testigo
Picking up the baton of the first great engineers, he carried their science forward into a modern age ...the way Tony Blair has picked up the baton and continued to build on the foundation John Smith laid
baton charge (n) carga (f) con bastones
baton round (n) bala (f) de goma
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