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1. lote (m) partida (f) (of goods, material); tanda (f) (of recruits); hornada (f) (of bread)
  • batch file (informática) fichero (m) por lotes
  • batch processing (informática) proceso (m) por lotes
batch [bætʃ]
1 [of goods etc] lote (m); remesa (f); [of papers] pila (f); [of people] grupo (m); [of bread] hornada (f)
2 (Comput) lote (m)
batch file (n) (Comput) fichero (m) BAT
batch mode (n) (Comput)
in batch mode en tratamiento por lotes
batch processing (n) (Comput) tratamiento (m) por lotes
batch production (n) (Ind) producción (f) por lotes
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