feminine noun
1. battle
  • de batalla -> everyday (de uso diario)
  • batalla campal -> pitched battle
  • batalla naval -> naval o sea battle

batalla [bah-tahl’-lyah]
1. Battle, the contest, conflict, or engagement of one army with another; fight, combat. (f)
2. Center of an army, in contradistinction to the van and rear. (f)
3. Fencing with foils. (f)
4. Struggle or agitation of the mind. (Metaphorical) (f)
  • Batalla campal -> pitched battle
5. Art.) Battle-piece, a painting which represents a battle. (f)
6. Joust, tournament. (f)
  • Campo de batalla -> field of batttle
  • Cuerpo de batalla de una escuadra -> the center division of a fleet
  • En batalla -> (Mil.) with an extended front

1 (lucha) battle
librar o trabar batalla to do battle
batalla campal pitched battle
2 (sufrimiento) fight; struggle
ropa de batalla everyday clothes
; (p)
3 (Automóviles) wheelbase

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