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masculine noun
1. frame (armazón); embroidery frame (para bordar)
2. chassis (automobiles) (peninsular Spanish)
3. screw propeller's frame (Náut)
4. (Teatro)
  • bastidores -> wings
  • entre bastidores (figurative) -> behind the scenes

bastidor [bas-tee-dor’]
1. Frame for stretching linen, silk, etc., which is to be painted, embroidered, or quilted. (m)
2. Frame, sash, panel. (m)
3. A frame through which passes the shaft of a screw propeller. (m)
4. Linen stretched in frames: applied to the painted linen used on the sides of the stage to represent the scene. (m)
5. (Phot.) Carrier, for films; place-holder. (m)
  • Bastidores -> (Naut.) Frames for canvas bulkheads, provisional cabins, and other temporary compartments
  • Bastidos or bastidores -> (on the stage) Scenery

1 (armazón) (Técnica) (Cos) frame; framework; [de ventana] frame; [de lienzo] stretcher; [de vehículo] chassis;
2 (Teat) wing
entre bastidores behind the scenes; estar entre bastidores to be offstage; dirigir entre bastidores to pull the strings
3 (And) (S. Cone) (celosía) lattice window
4 (Caribe) (catre) metal bedstead
5 (Caribe) (México) (colchón) interior sprung mattress

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