1. (general) 
the basicslo esencial
let's get down to basicscentrémonos en lo esencial
2. (general) 
a. básico(a) 
I get the basic ideame hago una idea
to be basic to somethingser básico(a) para algo
basic paysueldo base
basic [ˈbeɪsɪk]
1 (fundamental) [+reason, idea, problem] básico; fundamental; [+knowledge] básico; elemental; [+skills, vocabulary, needs] básico
basic French francés (m) básico or elemental; a basic knowledge of Russian unos conocimientos básicos or elementales de ruso; a basic right un derecho fundamental
the basic needs of food and water the basic skills of reading, writing and communicating there are three basic types of tea the basic design has changed very little
basic to sth básico or fundamental para algo
principles that are basic to Christianity a substance basic to the manufacture of polystyrene
2 (forming starting point) [+salary, working hours] base
the basic rate of income tax el tipo impositivo or de gravamen básico
3 (rudimentary) [+equipment, furniture] rudimentario; [+cooking] muy sencillo; muy poco elaborado
the hotel was extremely basic el hotel era sumamente sencillo
we provide 2-person tents and basic cooking and camping equipment a basic suit to which one can add accessories
4 (Chem) básico
basic salt sal (f) básica; basic slag escoria (f) básica
plural noun
basics such as bread and milk alimentos básicos como el pan y la leche; the basics los principios básicos; to get back to basics volver a empezar por los principios básicos; to get down to (the) basics ir a lo importante; they had forgotten everything and we had to go back to basics lo habían olvidado todo y tuvimos que volver a empezar por los principios
basic airman (n) (US) soldado (m) raso de la fuerzas aéreas
basic rate (n) (Economics) tipo (m) de interés base
basic training (n) (Mil) entrenamiento (m) básico
basic wage (n) salario (m) base
BASIC, basic
masculine noun
1. BASIC (computing)
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