masculine noun
1. mud (fango)
2. clay (arcilla)
  • una figurita de barro -> a clay figure
3. blackhead (grano)
  • arrastrarse por el barro -> to abase oneself

barro [bar’-ro]
1. Clay, mud. (m)
2. Earthenware. (m)
3. Drinking-vessel of different shapes and colors, made of sweet-scented clay; sugar-clay. (m)
4. Lock of wool put into the comb. (m)
  • Dar or tener barro a mano -> to have money or the necessary means to do a thing
noun, plural
5. Red pustules or pimples in the faces of young persons.
6. Fleshy tumors growing on the skin of horses or mules.

1 (lodo) mud
me llené de barro I got covered in mud
2 (Arte) (arcilla) potter's clay
barro cocido baked clay; una vasija de barro a clay pot
3 (loza) earthenware
un cacharro de barro an earthenware dish
barros earthenware
; (s)
; (s)
4 (dinero) dough (muy_familiar); brass (familiar)
tener barro a mano to be in the money
5 (S. Cone) (desacierto)
hacer un barro to drop a clanger (familiar)
6 (Anatomía) pimple
barros jarpa (Chile)barros luca (Chile) toasted ham and cheese sandwich

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