1. (general) 
a. belly 
echar barrigato get a paunch
2. (fig) 
rascarse o tocarse la barrigato twiddle one's thumbs, to laze around
1 (Anatomía) belly; (panza) paunch
echar barriga to get middle-age spread; estás echando barriga you're getting a bit of a belly (familiar); con la cerveza echas barriga beer makes you fat; me duele la barriga I have a sore stomach; hacer una barriga a una chica to get a girl in the family way; llenarse la barriga to stuff o.s.; tener barriga (estar encinta) to be in the family way (familiar); (ser gordo) to be fat
rascarse o tocarse la barriga to do damn-all (familiar)
2 (parte abultada) [de jarra] belly; rounded part; [de muro] bulge
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