"barrer" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to sweep (con escoba)
2. to sweep away (sujeto: viento, olas)
  • el huracán barrió todo a su paso -> the hurricane destroyed everything in its path
3. to scan (computing & medicine) (con escáner)
4. to thrash, to annihilate (informal) (derrotar)
intransitive verb
  • barrer con -> to finish off, to make short work of (llevarse)
  • barrer hacia o para adentro (figurative) -> to look after number one

barrer [bar-rerr’]
article & verb transitive
1. To sweep.
2. To carry off the whole of what there was in a place. (Metaphorical)
  • Barrer un navío de popa a proa -> (Naut.) To rake a ship fore and aft
  • Al barrer -> on an average
3. To sweep aside; to sweep clean. (Commerce) (m)
  • Los candidatos del partido barrieron a sus adversarios -> the party's candidates swept aside their rivals
verb neuter
4. Comprar algo al barrer, (Cono Sur) To buy something in a job lot. (n)
5. Barrer hacia dentro, to look after number one. (n)
verb reflexive
6. To shy, to start. (Mexico)
7. To grovel. (Mexico)

1 (con escoba) to sweep; [+suelo] to sweep; sweep clean; [+habitación] to sweep (out); [+objeto] to sweep aside; sweep away
2 (Mil) (Náutica) to sweep o rake with gunfire; (with gunfire)
3 (eliminar) [+obstáculo] to sweep aside; sweep away; [+rival] to sweep aside; overwhelm; [+dudas] to sweep aside; dispel
los candidatos del partido barrieron a sus adversarios the party's candidates swept their rivals aside
barrer con todo to make a clean sweep
1 (con escoba) to sweep up
2 (llevarse)
barrer para o hacia dentro to look after number one
comprar algo al barrer (S. Cone) to buy sth in a job lot
1 (México) [+caballo] to shy; start
2 (México) (humillarse) to grovel

Verb Conjugations for "barrer" (go to to sweep)


yo barro barrí barría barrería barreré
barres barriste barrías barrerías barrerás
él/ella/Ud. barre barrió barría barrería barrerá
nosotros barremos barrimos barríamos barreríamos barreremos
vosotros barréis barristeis barríais barreríais barreréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. barren barrieron barrían barrerían barrerán
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