1. (not covered) 
a. desnudo(a) 
to strip a house barellevarse absolutamente todo de una casa
to fight with one's bare handsluchar sin armas
in one's bare feetdescalzo(a)
to lay something bareponer algo de manifiesto, descubrir algo
2. (just sufficient) 
the bare minimumlo imprescindible, lo indispensable
the bare bones of the case are…lo esencial del caso es…
the bare necessities (of life)lo indispensable (para vivir)
a bare passun aprobado raspado or por los pelos
a bare majorityuna mayoría por los pelos
transitive verb
3. (general) 
a. descubrir 
to bare one's headdescubrirse (la cabeza)
to bare one's teethenseñar los dientes
he bared his heart or soul to meme abrió su corazón or alma
bare [bɛəʳ]
barer (comparative)barest (superlative)
1 (uncovered) [+body, skin, shoulders, person] desnudo; [+head] descubierto; [+feet] descalzo; [+landscape] pelado; [+tree] sin hojas; [+ground] árido; sin vegetación; [+floorboards] sin alfombrar; (Electricity and Electronics) [+wire] pelado; sin protección
bare to the waist desnudo hasta la cintura
the dog had a few bare patches on his back
to sleep on bare boards dormir en una tabla
in one's bare feet descalzo
racing through woods in her bare feet she hurried in her bare feet across the wooden floorboards with his bare [hands]
he put his bare hand in the flame puso la mano directamente en la llama
she grabbed the blade of a sword with her bare hand without apparent injury Ignoring forensic priorities now he picked up the receiver in his bare hand. [criminal, ungloved]
he killed the lion with his bare hands mató al león solo con las manos or sin armas
he pulled the child from the rubble with his bare hands he ripped the telephone directory in two with his bare hands
to lay sth bare [+flaw, mistake] poner algo de manifiesto; [+intentions, plans] poner algo al descubierto
to lay bare one's heart to sb abrir el corazón a algn; to lay bare a secret revelar un secreto
bare of sth desprovisto de algo
bare patch (on lawn, carpet) calva (f)
in one's bare [skin] the clearing out of disused workshops laid bare thousands of Italianate glazed tiles the builders started to clear the site, in the process laying bare an ancient Roman mozaic
2 (empty, unadorned) [+room] sin muebles; [+wall] desnudo; [+statement] escueto
the food cupboard was bare la despensa estaba vacía
they only told us the bare facts se limitaron a contarnos estrictamente los hechos
Such are the bare facts of Gauguin's life the editor refused to allow him to publish anything but the bare facts of the arrests the chances of intelligent life on Mars cannot easily be dismissed. That may seem a huge imaginative leap from the bare facts presented to the American Astronomical Society There is only room here to outline the bare facts
3 (meagre) [+majority] escaso
the bare bones lo esencial
to strip sth down to the bare bones reducir algo a lo esencial
she told him the bare bones of the story
the bare essentials or necessities lo estrictamente indispensable
to earn a bare living ganar lo justo para vivir
the bare minimum lo justo; lo indispensable
4 (mere)
the match lasted a bare 18 minutes el partido duró apenas 18 minutos; sales grew at a bare 2% a year las ventas ascendieron apenas a un 2% al año
transitive verb
[+body] desnudar; [+wire] pelar; [+sword] desenvainar
to bare one's head descubrirse
to bare one's soul to sb abrir el corazón a algn
the dog bared its teeth el perro enseñó or mostró los dientes
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