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barcos is the plural form of barco.
masculine noun
1. boat (más pequeño) ; ship (de gran tamaño)
  • en barco by boat
  • barco de carga cargo boat o ship
  • barco cisterna tanker
  • barco de guerra warship
  • barco mercante cargo ship
  • barco de pesca o pesquero fishing boat
  • barco de recreo pleasure boat
  • barco torpedero torpedo boat
  • barco de vapor steamer, steamboat
  • barco de vela sailing ship
(embarcación) boat; [de gran tamaño] ship; vessel (formal)
en barco by boat; by ship
ir en barco
como barco sin timón irresolutely; lacking a firm purpose
barco almirante flagship
barco cablero cable ship
barco carbonero collier
barco cisterna tanker
barco contenedor container ship
barco de apoyo support ship
barco de carga cargo boat
barco de guerra warship
barco de vapor steamer
barco de vela sailing boat; sailboat; (EEUU)
barco meteorológico weather ship
barco minero collier
barco náufrago wreck
barco nodriza supply ship
barco patrullero patrol boat
barco vivienda houseboat
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