Barata in English | Spanish to English Translation
feminine noun
1. (bargain sale) (Mexico)
a. sale
Compré seis pares de zapatos en la barata navideña.I bought six pairs of shoes during the Christmas sale.
2. (animal) (Chile)
a. cockroach
Rápido, ¡pisa esa barata!Quick, step on that cockroach!
feminine noun
1. sale (rebaja) (Mexican Spanish)
2. cockroach (insecto) (Chilean Spanish)
1 (México) (venta) sale; bargain sale; (mercado) street market
2 (And) (sección de gangas) bargain counter; (tienda) cut-price store
a la barata (sin orden) any old how (familiar)
tratar a algn a la barata to treat sb with scorn
3 (Chile) (cucaracha) cockroach; roach; (EEUU)
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