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1. (general) 
a. pack o (United Kingdom) 
b. deck (of cards) (United States) 
2. (fig) 
jugar con dos barajasto play a double game
1 (juego de cartas) pack of cards; (México) cards
jugar baraja (Latinoamérica) to play cards
jugar a o con dos barajas to play a double game; double deal
romper la baraja to break off the engagement; end the conflict
2 barajas (pelea) fight
; (s)
set-to (familiar)
; (s)
The Spanish deck of cards differs from its British and American counterpart, known in Spain as the baraja francesa. The four Spanish suits, oros, copas, espadas and bastos ("golden coins", "goblets", "swords" and "clubs") each contain nine numbered cards, although for certain games only seven are used, and three picture cards: sota, caballo and rey (jack, queen, king).
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