Band in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. banda (f) tira (f) (of metal, cloth); raya (f) franja (f) (of color); cinta (f) (on hat); vitola (f) (on cigar)
2. banda (f) (radio)
3. franja (f) banda (f) (of age, ability)
1. pandilla (f) grupo (m) (of friends); banda (f) (of robbers); grupo (m) (of pop musicians); banda (f) (jazz, brass)
band [bænd]
1 (Mús) orquesta (f); conjunto (m); (Mil) (brass band) banda (f); (pop group) grupo (m)
then the band played (US) y se armó la gorda (informal)
2 (group of people) cuadrilla (f); grupo (m); (gang) pandilla (f)
band [bænd]
1 (strip of material) faja (f); tira (f); (ribbon) cinta (f); (edging) franja (f); [of cigar] vitola (f); faja (f); [of wheel] fleje (m); (ring) anillo (m); sortija (f); (LAm) (armband) brazalete (m); (hatband) cintillo (m); [of harness] correa (f); (stripe) raya (f); franja (f); [of territory] faja (f)
2 (Rad) (waveband) banda (f)
3 [of statistics, tax etc] banda (f)
It's going to push us into a higher tax band ...a new tax band of 20p in the pound on the first 2000 pounds of taxable income
transitive verb
[+tax, property] dividir en bandas
They have ruled out banding the tax so that higher earners would pay more ...a banding system based on property values The choice is between a flat-rate or a banded charge
band saw (n) sierra (f) de cinta
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