Baking in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation and Dictionary
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  • to do the baking cocer el pan; (bread) hacer pasteles (cakes)
  • baking powder levadura (f) (en polvo)
  • baking sheet or tray placa (f) or bandeja (f) de hornear
  • baking soda bicarbonato (m) sódico
  • baking tin molde (m) para hornear
1. (familiar)
  • it's baking (hot) hace un calor achicharrante or calcinante (RP)
  • I'm baking (hot) ¡me estoy asando!, ¡estoy asado(a)!
baking [ˈbeɪkɪŋ]
1 (activity)
she does the baking on Monday los lunes hace el pan/los pasteles etc
2 (batch) hornada (f)
it's baking (hot) in here esto es un horno; a baking hot day un día de calor asfixiante
baking chocolate (n) (US) chocolate (m) fondant
baking dish (n) fuente (f) para el horno
baking pan (n)
baking tin See culture box in entry baking.
baking powder (n) Royal (m);™ levadura (f) en polvo; (Esp)
baking sheet (n)
baking tray See culture box in entry baking.
baking soda (n) bicarbonato (m) de soda
baking tin (n) molde (m) (para el horno)
baking tray (n) bandeja (f) de horno
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