1. (for fish) 
a. el cebo (M) 
2. (fig) 
a. el cebo m, anzuelo (M) 
3. (fig) 
to rise to the baitmorder el anzuelo
4. (fig) 
to swallow or take the baitmorder el anzuelo, picar
transitive verb
5. (torment) 
a. hostigar, atormentar 
6. (attach bait to) 
a. cebar 
bait [beɪt]
(Fishing) (Hunting) cebo (m); anzuelo (m); cebo (m)
to rise to the bait
he didn't rise to the bait no picó
to swallow the bait picar; morder el anzuelo; caer en la trampa
transitive verb
1 [+hook, trap] cebar
2 (torment) [+person, animal] atormentar
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