Bait in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. cebo (m) (for fish)cebo (m) anzuelo (m)
  • to rise to the bait (sentido figurado) (sentido figurado) morder el anzuelo
  • to swallow or take the bait (sentido figurado) morder el anzuelo, picar
transitive verb
2. hostigar, atormentar (torment)
3. cebar (attach bait to)
bait [beɪt]
(Fishing) (Hunting) cebo (m); anzuelo (m); cebo (m)
to rise to the bait
he didn't rise to the bait no picó
to swallow the bait picar; morder el anzuelo; caer en la trampa
transitive verb
1 [+hook, trap] cebar
2 (torment) [+person, animal] atormentar
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