Backward in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation and Dictionary
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1. hacia atrás
  • to walk backward and forward caminar de un lado para otro
  • a step backward (sentido figurado) un paso atrás
  • to bend or lean over backward to help (sentido figurado) hacer todo lo posible por ayudar
  • to know something backward (sentido figurado) conocer algo de pe a pa
backward [ˈbækwəd]
1 [+motion, glance] hacia atrás
backward and forward movement movimiento (m) de vaivén
2 [+pupil, country] atrasado
3 (reluctant) tímido
he wasn't backward in claiming the money no se mostró tímido a la hora de reclamar el dinero
he was not backward in taking the money
he's not backward in coming forward no peca de tímido
1 [+look] atrás; hacia atrás; [+move] hacia atrás
to walk/fall backward andar/caer hacia atrás; to go backward and forward ir y venir; ir de acá para allá; this is a step backward esto supone un paso atrás
Greater government intervention in busineses would represent a step backwards ...unshakable traditions that look backward rather than ahead
2 (in reverse) al revés
He works backward, building a house from the top down
to read sth backward leer algo para atrás
to know sth backward saberse algo al dedillo or de pe a pa
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