intransitive verb
1. (retrace one's steps) 
a. volver atrás, retroceder 
we backtracked to the main roadrecorrimos el camino de vuelta hasta la carretera principal
2. (renege) 
a. retractarse, volverse atrás 
to backtrack on a promiseincumplir una promesa
to backtrack on a decisionretractarse de una decisión
backtrack [ˈbæktræk]
intransitive verb
1 (on route, journey) desandar el camino; dar marcha atrás
2 (in account, explanation) ir más atrás; retroceder
Can we just backtrack a little and look at your schooldays? (renege)
(on promise, decision) echarse atrás; dar marcha atrás;on en
The committee backtracked by scrapping the controversial bonus system The finance minister backtracked on his decision
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