Backtrack in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
intransitive verb
1. volver atrás, retroceder (retrace one's steps)
  • we backtracked to the main road recorrimos el camino de vuelta hasta la carretera principal
2. retractarse, volverse atrás (renege)
  • to backtrack on a promise incumplir una promesa
  • to backtrack on a decision retractarse de una decisión
backtrack [ˈbæktræk]
intransitive verb
1 (on route, journey) desandar el camino; dar marcha atrás
2 (in account, explanation) ir más atrás; retroceder
Can we just backtrack a little and look at your schooldays? (renege)
(on promise, decision) echarse atrás; dar marcha atrás;on en
The committee backtracked by scrapping the controversial bonus system The finance minister backtracked on his decision
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