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1. bebé (m) (infant)guagua (mf) (Andes)nene(a) (sustantivo masculino o femenino) (RP)
  • baby brother hermanito (m)
  • baby sister hermanita (f)
  • baby boom explosión (f) de la natalidad
  • baby carriage cochecito (m) de niño (Estados Unidos)
  • baby doll muñeca (f) (toy)
  • baby grand piano (m) de media cola (piano)
  • baby snatcher ladrona (f) de bebés (woman)
  • baby talk habla (f) infantil
  • baby wipes toallitas (f pl) húmedas
2. (idioms)
  • we have to avoid throwing the baby out with the bathwater tenemos que evitar dañar lo bueno al eliminar lo malo
  • to leave somebody holding the baby endilgar el muerto a alguien
transitive verb
3. mimar, tratar como a un bebé
baby [ˈbeɪbɪ]
1 (infant) bebé (m); bebeabeba (m) (f);a beba (Arg) guagua (f); (And) (small child) neneanena (m) (f);a nena niñoaniña (m) (f);a niña
she's having a baby in May va a tener un niño en mayo; she's having the baby in hospital va a dar a luz en el hospital; the baby of the family el benjamín/la benjamina; don't be such a baby! ¡no seas niño/niña!
I was left holding the baby me tocó cargar con el muerto
to throw out the baby with the bathwater actuar con exceso de celo; pasarse (informal)
2 (US) (girlfriend) chica (informal) (f); (in direct address) nena (informal) (f); cariño (m); (boyfriend) chico (informal) (m)
She said her baby would never run off with another woman, he wasn't like that
(in direct address) cariño;
3 (special responsibility)
the new system was his baby el nuevo sistema fue obra suya; that's not my baby eso no es cosa mía
especially (US) (thing)
that baby cost me a fortune ese chisme me costó una fortuna (informal)
transitive verb
mimar; consentir
"You're looking very much better than when I saw you the other day." "That's thanks to your wife. She's been babying me outrageously" Men never stop being little boys. They like to be babied and pampered Though he was grown, she still babied him, kept his school pictures taped to her refrigerator, still saved money for him in a jar
1 (for a baby) de niño
baby clothes ropita (f) de niño
2 (young)
baby hedgehog cría (f) de erizo; baby rabbit conejito (m)
3 (small) pequeño
baby car coche (m) pequeño; baby sweetcorn mazorca (f) pequeña
baby batterer (n) persona que maltrata a los niños
baby battering (n) maltrato (m) de los niños
baby bed (n) (US) cuna (f)
baby bonds (n) (US) bonos (m) depreciados
baby boom (n) boom (m) de natalidad
baby boomer (n) niñoaniña (m) (f) nacidoanacida en época de un boom de natalidad esp de los años 60;a niña a nacida (esp de los años 60)
Baby bouncer (n) columpio (m) para bebés
baby boy (n) nene (m)
baby break (n) interrupción (f) de las actividades profesionales por maternidad
baby buggy (n) cochecito (m) (de bebé)
baby carriage (n) (US) cochecito (m) (de bebé)
baby face (n) cara (f) de niño
baby food(s) (n) comida (f) para bebés; potitos (m) (informal); (Esp)
baby girl (n) nena (f)
baby grand (n) (Mús) piano (m) de media cola
baby minder (n) niñera (f)
baby seat (n) (Aut) sillita (f) or asiento (m) de seguridad para bebés
baby shower (n) (US) fiesta con entrega de regalos a la madre y al recién nacido
She was heading for a party thrown for her by pals in New York. The `baby shower" was arranged so they could hand over gifts for Christie and the unborn tot
baby snatcher (n) mujer (f) que roba un bebé
baby talk (n) habla (f) infantil
baby tender (n) (US) canguro (m)
baby tooth (n) diente (m) de leche
baby walker (n) andador (m); tacatá (m) (informal); (Esp)
baby wipe (n) toallita (f) húmeda
1 (Latinoamérica) (bebé) baby; (Automóviles) small car; mini
baby fútbol table football
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