1. (foolish talk) 
If you're not going to provide anything substantial to the conversation, stop with the endless babble.Si no vas a añadirle nada sustancial a la conversación, termina con el parloteo incesante.
2. (unintelligible talk) 
I couldn't understand any of the babble you just said.No pude comprender nada del balbuceo que acabas de decir.
3. (quiet sound) 
The professor slammed his books on the desk and put an end to the babble of voices.El profesor tiró sus libros en la mesa y acabó el murmullo de voces.
intransitive verb
4. (to speak foolishly) 
a. parlotear 
Everybody at the meeting babbled without saying anything of substance.Todos los que estaban en la reunión parlotearon sin decir nada sustancioso.
5. (to speak unintelligibly) 
a. balbucear 
From the crashed car exited a woman who couldn't do much more than babble and cry.Del coche chocado bajó una mujer que no hacía más que balbucear y llorar.
b. farfullar 
He started to babble about some scholarship that he'd won but I didn't understand a thing he said.Se puso a farfullar algo sobre una beca que había ganado pero no le entendí nada.
transitive verb
6. (to utter incoherently) 
a. farfullar 
I nervously babbled some vague response to his question.Nerviosamente farfullé una respuesta vaga a su pregunta.
1. (of voices) 
a. el parloteo (M) 
intransitive verb
2. (baby) 
a. balbucear 
3. (adult) 
a. farfullar 
to babble away or on (about something)parlotear (sobre algo)
4. (water) 
a. murmurar 
babble [ˈbæbl]
[of baby] balbuceo (m); [of stream] murmullo (m); (small talk) cháchara (f)
a babble of voices arose se oyó un murmullo de voces
intransitive verb
1 [+person] (talk to excess) parlotear (informal); (gossip) chismorrear (informal); cotillear (informal)
2 [+baby] balbucear; [+stream] murmurar
transitive verb
decir balbuceando
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