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bárbaro, -a
1. barbarian (history)
2. barbaric, cruel (cruel)
3. uncouth, coarse (bruto)
4. brilliant, great (informal) (extraordinario)
masculine or feminine noun
5. barbarian (history)
6. (informal) (magníficamente)
  • pasarlo bárbaro, -a to have a wild time
bárbaroa bárbara
1 (Hist) barbarian
2 (cruel) barbarous; cruel; (espantoso) awful; frightful
3 (grosero) rough; uncouth; (inculto) ignorant
4 (increíble) tremendous (familiar); smashing (familiar)
un éxito bárbaro a tremendous o smashing success (familiar); es un tío bárbaro he's a great o fantastic guy (familiar); hace un frío bárbaro it's freezing; ¡qué bárbaro! (estupendo) great!; terrific!; (horrible) how awful!
(estupendamente) brilliantly
lo pasamos bárbaro we had a tremendous time (familiar); canta bárbaro she signs brilliantly; she's a terrific singer
(S. Cone) fine!; OK! (familiar)
1 (Hist) barbarian
2 (bruto) uncouth person
conduce como un bárbaro he drives like a madman; gritó como un bárbaro he gave a tremendous shout; he shouted like mad
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