Award in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. premio (m) (prize); indemnización (f) (Law)
transitive verb
2. otorgar, conceder (prize, contract, damages)
award [əˈwɔːd]
(prize) premio (m); (Mil) (medal) condecoración (f)
2 (Jur) (ruling) fallo (m); sentencia (f); (sum of money) (punitive) sanción (f); (damages) concesión (f)
a record award for sexual harassment una sanción récord por acoso sexual
they believe the damage award to be one of the largest ever the jury's award of £2.6 million
they are appealing against the award of £350,000 to Violet Bush van a recurrir contra la concesión de £350.000 a Violet Bush
3 (act of awarding) entrega (f); concesión (f)
transitive verb
1 [+prize, medal] conceder; otorgar
the prize is not being awarded this year este año el premio se ha declarado desierto
2 (Jur) [+damages] adjudicar
3 (Dep)
to award a penalty (against sb) pitar or señalar (un) penalti (contra algn); to award sb a penalty conceder un penalti a algn
United were convinced they should have been awarded a penalty in the 77th minute
award(s) ceremony (n) ceremonia (f) de entrega de premios
I invite you to attend the Award Ceremony on May 12th at which Her Royal Highness the Princess will present a medal and certificate
award winner (n) premiadoapremiada (m) (f);a premiada galardonadoagalardonada (m) (f);a galardonada
Award-winners or not, all these writers were chosen because their work spoke and sparked
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