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transitive verb
1. evitar (person, thing); evitar, eludir (punishment, danger, question)
  • to avoid doing something evitar hacer algo
  • to avoid something/somebody like the plague huir de algo/alguien como de la peste
avoid [əˈvɔɪd]
transitive verb
[+obstacle] evitar; esquivar; [+argument, question, subject] evitar; eludir; [+duty] eludir; [+danger] salvarse de
are you trying to avoid me? ¿me estás evitando or esquivando?
I'm trying to avoid Lesley
I try to avoid him procuro no tener nada que ver con él; he avoids all his friends huye de todos sus amigos; this way we avoid London por esta ruta evitamos pasar por Londres; to avoid sb's eye esquivar la mirada de algn; to avoid tax (legally) evitar pagar impuestos; (illegally) defraudar al fisco; to avoid doing sth evitar hacer algo; he managed to avoid (hitting) the tree logró esquivar el árbol; I'm trying to avoid being seen by Jeremy estoy intentando evitar que me vea Jeremy; estoy intentando que Jeremy no me vea
to avoid being seen
it's to be avoided like the plague de esto hay que huir como de la peste
Verb Conjugations for evitar
Gerund: evitando
Participle: evitado
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