feminine noun
1. oat (planta)
2. oats (grano)

avena [ah-vay’-nah]
1. Oats. (Botany) (f)
  • Avena blanca -> Cultivated white oat
  • Avena sativa alba -> Avena negra, cultivated black oat
  • Avena sativa negra -> Avena desnuda, naked oat
  • Avena estéril, cugu -> or cula, bearded oat-grass
  • Avena estrigosa, or afreita -> of the Gallicians, bristle-pointed oat
  • Aven -> estrigosa
  • Avena pubescente -> downy oat-grass
  • Avena flavescente -> narrow-leaved oat-grass
  • Avena alpina -> great alpine oat-grass
  • Avena flavescente -> yellow oat-grass
  • Avena loc -> or silvestre, wild oat
  • Avena común -> French oat
  • Avena oriental -> tartarian oat
  • Avena geórgica -> potato oat
2. (Poetic.) A pastoral pipe, made of the stalks of corn, and used by shepherds. (f)
Avena, L. (Avena nuda). Avena esterilis. Avena pubescens. Avena pratensis. Avena alpina. Avena flavescens. Avena orientalis.

; (p)
avena loca avena morisca avena silvestre wild oats
; (p)

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