feminine noun
1. authority (poder)
  • impusieron su autoridad -> they imposed their authority
  • autoridad moral -> moral authority
2. (persona al mando)
  • las autoridades militares/religiosas -> the military/religious authorities
  • entregarse a las autoridades -> to give oneself up (a la policía)
  • la autoridad -> the authorities
3. authority (eminencia)
  • es una autoridad en historia -> he is an authority on history
4. authority (control, dominio)
  • habla siempre con mucha autoridad -> she always talks with great authority

autoridad [ah-oo-to-ree-dahd’]
1. Authority or power derived from a public station, merit, or birth; credit. (f)
  • Las autoridades -> the authorities
2. Ostentation, display of grandeur. (f)
3. Authority, words cited from a book or writing. (f)

1 (potestad) authority
las autoridades the authorities; autoridades aduaneras customs authorities; ¡abran a la autoridad! open up in the name of the law!; entregarse a la autoridad to give o.s. up to the police; (to the police)
autoridad de sanidad health authorities
; (p)
autoridad local local authority
2 (persona) authority
3 (boato) pomp; show

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