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Feminine nouns that begin with a stressed "a-" or "ha-" sound in Spanish use the articles "el" and “un” in the singular.
feminine noun
1. (schoolroom) 
a. classroom 
No puedes irte del aula sin entregar tu examen.You can't leave the classroom without handing in your exam.
b. class 
El aula de los niños de primero está junto al jardín.The first graders' class is next to the yard.
2. (auditorium) 
No me gusta tomar clases en el aula 4 porque huele raro.I don't like taking classes in lecture hall 4 because it smells weird.
b. lecture theatre (United Kingdom) 
Mi siguiente clase es en el aula 10.My next class is in lecture theatre 10.
La conferencia es en el aula 22.The conference is in lecture room 22.
1. (de escuela) 
a. classroom 
2. (de universidad) 
a. lecture room 
aula magnagreat hall
(Escol) classroom; (Univ) lecture room
aula magna assembly hall; main hall
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