feminine noun
1. splinter
  • hacer astillas (figurative) -> to smash to smithereens

astilla [as-teel’-lyah]
1. Chip of wood, splinter of timber. (f)
  • Hacer algo astillas -> to smash something into little pieces
2. Reed or comb of a loom. (Obsolete) (f)
3. the dead rising of the floor-timbers of a ship. (Nautical) (f)
  • De tal palo -> tal astilla, or astilla del mismo palo, a chip of the same block
  • Sacar astilla -> to profit by a thing

1 (fragmento) splinter; chip;astillas (para fuego) kindling
; (s)
hacer algo astillas to smash sth into little o tiny pieces; hacerse astillas to shatter into little o tiny pieces
2 (España) (soborno) small bribe; sweetener (familiar)
dar astilla a algn to give sb a cut (familiar); ese tío no da astilla he's a tight-fisted so-and-so (familiar)

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