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1. tasación (f) valoración (f) (estimate) (of value); evaluación (f) valoración (f) (of damage); tasación (f) (for insurance or tax purposes)
2. evaluación (f) (analysis)
assessment [əˈsesmənt]
1 (evaluation) [of damage, property] valoración (f); tasación (f); (judgment) juicio (m); valoración (f)
what is your assessment of the situation? ¿qué juicio or valoración le merece la situación?
2 (Economics) (Tax)
Only 29 per cent of its assessments of the amount owed by absent parents were correct
tax assessment cálculo (m) de los ingresos; estimación (f) de la base impositiva
3 (Univ) (Educ) (Ind) (appraisal) evaluación (f)
The tests are supposed to provide a basis for the assessment of children He was remanded to a mental hospital for assessment by doctors
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