transitive verb
1. (to declare) 
a. afirmar 
The newspaper article asserted that the governor had deliberately withheld the truth.El artículo del periódico afirmaba que el gobernador había ocultado la verdad a propósito.
b. aseverar 
"There is more than enough evidence to convict him," he asserted."Hay más que suficientes pruebas para condenarlo," aseveró.
2. (to demonstrate) 
a. imponer 
Some border control officers love to assert their authority on travellers.A algunos oficiales de control de fronteras les encanta imponer su autoridad sobre los viajeros.
b. reafirmar 
Stalin soon began to assert his supremacy and get rid of people who opposed him.Stalin pronto empezó a reafirmar su supremacía y deshacerse de sus opositores.
3. (to uphold) 
He only wants to assert his right to access to his son, not to get involved in a lengthy legal battle.Solo quiere hacer valer su derecho de visita a su hijo y no involucrarse en una larga disputa judicial.
Factory workers began to organize and to assert their rights.Los trabajadores de la fábrica empezaron a organizarse y reivindicar sus derechos.
transitive verb
1. (one's rights, point of view, authority) 
a. afirmar, hacer valer 
to assert oneselfmostrarse firme, imponerse
to assert that…afirmar que…
assert [əˈsɜːt]
transitive verb
1 (declare) afirmar; aseverar; [+innocence] afirmar
2 (insist on) [+rights] hacer valer
3 (establish) [+authority] imponer
After the war, the army made an attempt to assert its authority in the south of the country The people have asserted their power and that will be very difficult to reverse
to assert o.s. imponerse
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