1. (vulgar) (United States) 
a. el culo (M) 
ass [æs]
1 (Zool) asno (m); burro (m)
2 (fool) imbécil (m)
the man's an ass es un imbécil; don't be an ass! ¡no seas imbécil!; what an ass I am! ¡soy un imbécil!; ¡qué burro soy! (informal)
to make an ass of o.s. quedar en ridículo
ass [æs] (US)
culo (very_informal) (m)
a piece of ass (girl) un bombón (informal)
She's great. Sweetest piece of ass I've seen in years She was one hot piece of ass, he thought
to have a piece of ass (sex) echar un polvo (vulgar)
The only one who's had a piece of ass lately is George You think I'd spend fifty bucks for a piece of ass? Does he want me for just a piece of ass or is it serious?
1. (carta, dado) 
a. ace 
2. (campeón) 
un as del volantean ace driver
ser un asto be brilliant
1 (Naipes) ace; (dominó) one
as de espadas ace of spades
guardarse un as en la manga to have an ace up one's sleeve
2 (campeón) ace
es un as he's a star (familiar)
as del fútbol star player
as del volante champion driver; crack driver (familiar)
3 (Tenis) ace
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