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transitive verb
1. to attend to (ayudar)
  • le asiste el doctor Jiménez he is being treated by Dr Jiménez
2. to accompany (acompañar)
intransitive verb
3. to attend
  • asistir a un acto to attend an event
intransitive verb
1 (acudir) to attend; go
no se sabe cuántas personas asistirán it's not known how many people will attend o go; ¿va usted a asistir? will you be attending o going?; asistir a algo to attend sth; go to sth; no asistió a mi clase he did not attend my lesson; he did not come to my lesson
unas 200 personas asistieron al concierto
asiste a misa todos los domingos he attends Mass every Sunday; he goes/comes to Mass every Sunday
2 (Naipes) to follow suit
transitive verb
1 (ayudar)
asistir a algn to help sb; assist sb (formal); una institución que asiste a los inmigrantes an organization that helps immigrants
2 (Med)
asistir a [+paciente, enfermo] to care for; look after; [+herido, accidentado] to look after; help
se pararon a asistir a los accidentados
asistir un parto to deliver a baby
3 (presenciar)
asistir a algo to witness sth; estamos asistiendo a una nueva revolución tecnológica we are witnessing a new technological revolution
4 (Jur)
su abogado le asistió en la declaración his lawyer was present when he gave his statement
5 (respaldar)
le asiste el derecho a recurrir la sentencia you have the right to appeal (against) the sentence; le asiste la razón he has right on his side
6 (atender) to serve; wait on
asistió a los invitados en el hotel he served o waited on the hotel guests
Verb Conjugations for asistir
Gerund: asistiendo
Participle: asistido
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