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masculine noun
1. seat (silla, butaca)
  • tomar asiento -> to sit down
  • asiento abatible -> = seat that tips forward or folds flat
  • asiento delantero -> front seat (en coche)
  • asiento de pasillo -> aisle seat (en avión)
  • asiento reclinable -> reclining seat
  • asiento trasero -> back seat
  • asiento de ventana -> window seat (en avión)
2. bottom (base)
3. entry (commerce)
  • asiento contable -> book entry

asiento [ah-se-en’-to]
1. Chair. (m)
  • Asiento trasero -> rear seat
2. Seat in a tribunal or court of justice. (m)
3. Spot on which a town or building is or was standing; site. (m)
4. Solidity of a building resulting from the reciprocal pressure of the materials upon each other: settling. (m)
5. Bottom of a vessel. (m)
6. Sediment of liquors. (m)
7. Treaty. (m)
8. Contract for supplying an army, town, etc., with provisions, etc. 9. (m)
9. Judgment, prudence, discretion. (m)
10. District of the mines in South America. (m)
11. List, roll. (m)
12. Sort of pearls, flat on one side and round on the other. (m)
13. Surfeit, fit of indigestion. (m)
14. The state and order which things ought to take. (m)
  • Hombre de asiento -> a prudent man
  • Asientos de popa -> (Naut.) stern seats in the cabin
  • Asiento de molino, bed or lowest stone in a mill. Da -> or tomar asiento en las cosas, to let things take a regular course
Entry, the act of registering or setting down in writing. (Yo asiento, yo asienta, from Asentir. V. ASENTIR). (Yo asiento, yo asiente, from Asentar. V. ACERTAR).

1 (mueble) seat; chair; (lugar) place; [de bicicleta] saddle
no ha calentado el asiento he hasn't stayed long; tomar asiento to take a seat
asiento de atrás [de coche] rear seat; [de moto] pillion seat
asiento delantero front seat
asiento expulsor asiento lanzable asiento proyectable (Aeronáutica) ejector seat
asiento reservado reserved seat
asiento trasero
asiento de atrás See culture box in entry asiento.
2 (sitio) site; location
3 (fondo) [de jarrón, silla] bottom; (nalgas) bottom; seat
4 (Mecánica) seating
asiento de válvula valve seating
5 (poso) sediment
6 (Archit) settling
hacer asiento to settle; sink
7 (Náutica) trim
8 (arraigo) settling; establishment
estar de asiento to be settled; vivir de asiento con algn to live in sin with sb
9 (Latinoamérica)(also asiento minero) (población minera) mining town
10 (Com) (contrato) contract; (en libro) entry
asiento contable book-keeping entry
asiento de cierre closing entry
11 (Política) treaty; peace treaty
12 (estabilidad) stability; (juicio) good sense; judgment
hombre de asiento sensible man

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