intransitive verb
1. (subir) 
a. to go up, to climb 
2. (aumentar, elevarse) 
a. to rise, to go up 
3. (en empleo, deportes) 
a. to be promoted 
ascender ato come o amount to
transitive verb
4. (general) 
ascender a alguien (a)to promote somebody (to)
intransitive verb
1 (subir) [+persona] (en montaña) to climb up; (en el aire) to rise; ascend (formal)
ascendieron hasta 3.500 metros they climbed to 3,500 metres; ascendieron por el otro lado del monte they made their ascent on the other side of the mountain; they climbed up the other side of the mountain; el globo ascendió por los aires the balloon rose o ascended (formal) into the air; ascendía por las escaleras she ascended (literario) o climbed the steps
ascender en la escala social
2 [+temperatura, presión] to go up; rise
las temperaturas han ascendido en el norte
ascender a
[+empleado, equipo, militar] to be promoted to
ascendió al cargo de presidente de la compañía he was promoted to company president; he rose to the position of company president; el Málaga ha ascendido a primera división Málaga have gone up to the first division; Málaga have been promoted to the first division; ascender al trono to ascend the throne
cuando ascendió al trono desde que la ascendieron gana casi el doble
[+cantidad] to amount to; come to
los beneficios ascendieron a miles de libras the profits amounted o came to thousands of pounds; el número de heridos asciende ya a 20 the number of wounded has now risen to o has now reached 20; ¿a cuánto ascendió la factura? how much did the bill come to?
transitive verb
[+empleado, militar] to promote
lo ascendieron a teniente he rose o was promoted to the rank of lieutenant
Verb Conjugations for ascender
Gerund: ascendiendo
Participle: ascendido
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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