feminine noun
1. meeting (reunión); mass meeting (de trabajadores); assembly (cuerpo político)
  • asamblea general -> general meeting
  • asamblea General -> general Assembly (de la ONU)
  • asamblea general anual -> annual general meeting
  • asamblea plenaria -> plenary assembly
  • asamblea de trabajadores -> works meeting

asamblea [ah-sam-blay’-ah]
1. Assembly, meeting (reunión), congress (congreso), junta, congregation, convention, gathering. (f)
2. In the order of Malta, a tribunal established in every grand priory of the order. (f)
3. A beat of the drum directing the soldiers to join their companies, or to assemble in the alarmplace. (f)

1 (reunión) meeting; [de trabajadores] mass meeting
llamar a asamblea (Mil) (Hist) to assemble; muster
2 (congreso) congress; assembly
asamblea general general assembly
Asamblea Nacional National Assembly

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