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masculine noun
1. attack (ataque); storming (de castillo, ciudad)
  • tomar algo por asalto to storm something
2. robbery (robo)
3. round (sport) (en boxeo)
1 (atraco) robbery
asalto a un banco bank raid; bank robbery
2 (Mil) attack; assault
el asalto al Parlamento the attack o assault on parliament; the storming of parliament; tomar por asalto to take by storm
3 (Boxeo) round
4 (Esgrima)
asalto de armas fencing bout
5 (acoso) hounding; harassment
el continuo asalto de los paparazzi the constant hounding o harassment by the paparazzi
6 (Caribe) (México) (fiesta sorpresa) surprise party
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