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1. (fine arts)
a. artist
Van Gogh es mi artista favorito.Van Gogh is my favorite artist.
2. (performing arts)
a. entertainer
Mi hermana es una artista muy talentosa.My sister is a very talented entertainer.
b. performer
El artista se lesionó durante la obra.The performer was injured during the play.
c. artiste
Edith Piaf fue una artista legendaria.Edith Piaf was a legendary artiste.
3. (figurative)
a. artist
Mi dentista es un artista en lo que hace.My dentist is an artist at what he does.
masculine or feminine noun
1. artist (creador); artiste (de espectáculos)
  • es una artista en la cocina she is a superb cook
  • artista gráfico graphic artist
  • artista invitado guest artist
1 (Arte) artist
2 (Teat) (Cine) artist; artiste
artista de cine film actor/film actress
artista de teatro actor/actress
artista de variedades variety artist o artiste
artista invitado/a guest artist o artiste
3 (persona hábil)
es un artista haciendo paella he's an expert at making paella
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