Arroz in English | Spanish to English Translation
masculine noun
1. (culinary)
a. rice
Arroz con pollo es un plato favorito en muchos países, aunque cada región le da un toque especial. Chicken and rice is a favorite dish in many countries, although each region gives it a special touch.
masculine noun
1. rice
  • arroz blanco boiled rice
  • arroz integral brown rice
  • arroz con leche rice pudding
  • ¡que si quieres arroz, Catalina! (figurative) for all the good that did!
hubo arroz y gallo muerto (España) (Caribe) it was a slap-up do (familiar)
arroz a la cubana rice with banana, tomato sauce and fried egg
arroz blanco white rice
arroz hervido boiled rice
arroz hinchado puffed rice
arroz con leche rice pudding
arroz integral brown rice
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