"arrive" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

verbo intransitivo
1. llegar (at place)
  • to arrive at a decision/solution -> llegar a una decisión/solución
2. triunfar (familiar) (attain success)

arrive [a-raiv]
verbo neutro (intransitivo)
1. Arribar, llegar a algún paraje por mar o por tierra. (n)
2. Llevar a cabo, lograr, conseguir. (n)
3. Suceder, acontecer. (n)
  • To arrive at -> llegar a, lograr, alcanzar, conseguir
va. (Ant.) Alcanzar, obtener: llegar

arrive [əˈraɪv]
1 [+person, taxi, letter, meal etc] llegar; arribar; especially (LAm) [+time, winter, event etc] llegar
The time has arrived when I need to give up smoking Summer has finally arrived
to arrive (up)on the scene entrar en escena
2 [+baby] nacer; llegar
It's very unlikely that your baby will arrive before you go to hospital
3 (succeed in business etc) triunfar; alcanzar el éxito
You know you've arrived when you get your own logo at the end of your shows

Verb Conjugations for "arrive" (go to llegar)


I arrive I arrived I will arrive
you arrive you arrived you will arrive
he/she arrives he/she arrived he/she will arrive
we arrive we arrived we will arrive
you arrive you arrived you will arrive
they arrive they arrived they will arrive
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