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pronominal verb
1. (to feel remorse)
a. to regret
Me arrepiento de no haber tomado un año sabático antes de la universidad.I regret not having taken a year off before college.
b. to be sorry
No comas demasiados dulces o te arrepentirás.Don't eat too many sweets or you will be sorry.
c. to repent (formal)
"Arrepiéntanse y pidan perdón," predicó el sacerdote. "Repent and ask for forgiveness," preached the priest.
2. (to change one's opinion)
a. to change one's mind
Me iba a ir a la playa este fin, pero me arrepentí. I was going to go the beach this weekend, but I changed my mind.
pronominal verb
1. to regret it (lamentar) (de acción); to repent (de pecado, crimen)
  • arrepentirse de algo/de haber hecho algo to regret something/having done something; (acción) to repent (of) something/having done something (pecado, crimen)
  • ven a Escocia, no te arrepentirás come to Scotland, you won't regret it
  • como no me hagas caso, te arrepentirás you'll be sorry if you don't listen to me, if you don't listen to me you'll live to regret it
2. (volverse atrás)
  • al final, me arrepentí y no fui in the end, I decided not to go
  • no te arrepientas en el último momento don't change your mind at the last minute
pronominal verb
to repent; be repentant
arrepentirse de algo to regret sth; arrepentirse de haber hecho algo to regret doing sth; regret having done sth; no arrepentirse de nada to have no regrets; not be sorry for anything
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