arrepentir roughly translates to to regret. Showing results for arrepentirse.


pronominal verb
1. (to feel remorse) 
Le prometí que iría, pero ahora me arrepiento.I promised I'd go, but now I regret it.
No comas demasiados dulces o te arrepentirás.Don't eat too many sweets or you will be sorry.
c. to repent (formal) 
"Arrepiéntanse y pidan perdón," predicó el sacerdote. "Repent and ask for forgiveness," preached the priest.
2. (to change one's opinion) 
Me iba a ir a la playa este fin, pero me arrepentí. I was going to go the beach this weekend, but I changed my mind.
pronominal verb
1. (lamentar; de acción) 
a. to regret it 
2. (de pecado, crimen) 
a. to repent 
arrepentirse de algo/de haber hecho algoto regret something/having done something
ven a Escocia, no te arrepentiráscome to Scotland, you won't regret it
como no me hagas caso, te arrepentirásyou'll be sorry if you don't listen to me, if you don't listen to me you'll live to regret it
3. (volverse atrás) 
a. no direct translation 
al final, me arrepentí y no fuiin the end, I decided not to go
no te arrepientas en el último momentodon't change your mind at the last minute
pronominal verb
to repent; be repentant
arrepentirse de algo to regret sth; arrepentirse de haber hecho algo to regret doing sth; regret having done sth; no arrepentirse de nada to have no regrets; not be sorry for anything
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